Metals Preset Mobile - 24K

24 karat.JPG
24 karat.JPG

Metals Preset Mobile - 24K


These presets are what I use on 90% of my work. Some are newer creations, some I made a year ago and changed until it was right. Presets should be used as a tool. As a foundation to build on, tweaking them slightly to adjust for temp, exposure or even the HSL panel when needed. Moody with crushed highlights is my typical jam and you can find lots of that here. Enjoy!

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How to use .dng files for Lightroom mobile.


download the file to your phone (it will most like save to your files)


Open Lr Mobile. Go to the library menu. Click the plus sign and create new album. Name it Metals presets or whatever works for you.


Open the album. Tap the three dots in the right corner. Select “add photos”. Next select from files (or wherever you saved the files). Select the .dng files.


You now will create the preset from the info stored in the .dng file. Tap on the photo you want to start with. Next tap the three dots in the corner. Select Create preset. Then select all. hen title is the same as the .dng file. You can then select “preset group” and create a new group. (CJP-Metals Presets) Click the check mark and you are done!